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One thing that is certain in the world of essential oils - is that the quality of the essential oil matters for use with animals.  Dr. Shelton is very specific on which essential oils she recommends.  However, it became very obvious through her years of research and clinical use of essential oils - that there are some oils that should be used for animals, and some oils that shouldn't.  Not necessarily because they were toxic - but because they were not "animal friendly."

Another point that has become clear to Dr. Shelton - is that there are many high grade "medical" oils available on the market today.  However, just because a company carried several medical grade oils - this did not mean that ALL of their oils would be the grade necessary for use with delicate animals.  

Much time and research was dedicated to finding the "recipe" of diagnostic testing and evaluations that would render an oil "medical grade" or "animal worthy."  Unfortunately, a magic list of requirements was hard to designate - and for work with animals, Dr. Shelton finds it necessary to actually handle, smell, ingest, and more importantly USE an essential oil with animals clinically to truly be able to evaluate the quality of the oil and if it is appropriate for use with animals.

Since oil composition and quality can change from harvest to harvest, Dr. Shelton feels most comfortable recommending oils from specific lots that she has had the opportunity to evaluate before they go into an animal home.  That was her goal for 2014 - to evaluate various oils specifically for animal use - which can be different than what humans can use successfully.  The goal is that every large lot and batch of oils will be evaluated and used on animals by Dr. Shelton prior to her recommending them.  Oils that have passed this screening process ARE NOW AVAILABLE under the name animalEO!

animalEO is HERE!!!  April 15, 2014 - this new line of essential oils, specifically created for animals, by a veterinarian - became available!

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"As a veterinarian, my job first and foremost is to advocate for the animals.  Having the experience to properly formulate and recommend how oils are used with animals, creates a responsibility to also recommend source(s) of essential oils to purchase.  However, if I have not used the oil, how can I truly say what quality it is?" - Melissa Shelton DVM