Melissa Shelton DVM - Essential Oils for Animals

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About Dr. Shelton


Dr. Melissa Shelton is an internationally recognized holistic veterinarian, and owner of Crow River Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic, who specializes in using medical grade essential oils for complete and natural care of all animals.  By using essential oils along with nutrition, whole food supplements, Reiki, animal communication, Alpha-Stimulation, and more - Dr. Shelton has helped many animals for which traditional medicine has no answer.  

Prevention of disease remains a passion for Dr. Shelton.  Young or Old, Sick or Healthy - there are benefits in including Nature's amazing healing properties into your companion's life.  Dr. Shelton focuses on the fact that when holistic care can do so much in the face of disease - imagine the impact that can be had if we were to use our tools before the illness. 

Dr. Shelton shares her knowledge and experiences through her love of teaching and writing.  She has taught in locations across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan - and her online courses are able to reach world wide.

She has authored three books, with her fourth anticipated in March 2018.  In 2011 she released “Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care: A Veterinarian’s Desk Reference for the Top Health Concerns of Cats, Dogs, and Horses”.  Then in 2012 came the first edition of "The Animal Desk Reference".  2013 saw "The Grandparents' Guide to the Well-Oiled Kid".  And in April 2018 - the ADR II - The Animal Desk Reference SECOND EDITION arrived world wide!

In April 2014 - Dr. Shelton released her own line of essential oil products for animals!  This product line is dedicated to keeping animal homes safe - whether you wish to use essential oils for yourself, or on your animals directly.  animalEO Essential Oils for Animals has the science, screening, monitoring, and knowledge behind the recommendations.  Don't trust those who do not truly understand animal physiology and pharmacokinetics to evaluate essential oil safety for your beloved animals.  Please visit for more information!

CLICK HERE to read the most current RESEARCH REVIEW on the safety of essential oils with Cats (also pertains to other animals!)