Melissa Shelton DVM - Essential Oils for Animals

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Animal Desk Reference Membership Site

Due to the tremendous number of requests for consultations and education regarding Holistic Veterinary care, as well as the use of Essential Oils in animals, Dr. Melissa Shelton designed a website that would concentrate on the ability to educate many, instead of one person at a time.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Animal Desk Reference Membership Website is mainly focused on the use of the Young Living brand of products and essential oils at this time.  Although the information is useful in all respects of single oil use as well as other blend recipes - it is important to recognize this fact.  Other information regarding traditional veterinary care, medications, whole food supplements, and other holistic advice is still entirely helpful, even if you do not use Young Living products or oils.

The Animal Desk Reference Membership Website is dedicated to sharing the information and knowledge that Dr. Shelton has gathered and documented, in a format that serves EVERY person interested in holistic care of animals.  Dr. Shelton addresses every form of animal with her holistic view points, as well as includes information on the use of Essential Oils for each situation.  Materials on this site are able to be viewed by members on demand - when YOU want them - in a friendly subject based approach.  For example, if your dog has an ear infection, you can quickly go to the "Dog Subjects" and view a recorded webinar and/or document containing information on holistic veterinary care, home care, and using essential oils for your companion.

Members have special access to recorded conference calls and video demonstrations.

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